Yet another question

  PeeCee -idiot 15:43 07 Mar 09

My Norton runs out Monday. I have downloaded Bull gaurd free 60 day trial, just to give it a go. Do I have to uninstall Norton before I run it?

Also the free anti-virus downloads are they good?

  awest3 15:58 07 Mar 09

AS you will probably see from other threads on this subject there are a few free anti-virus which are thought to be excellent.

AVG 8, Avast to name but two...

It will probably be better to uninstall your norton software cannot, I believe, just delete your norton software you have to use a tool provided by norton'll find it on their website..


  brundle 15:59 07 Mar 09

Yes, remove Norton before installing Bullguard and read this for freebies and advice; click here

  cheap 16:00 07 Mar 09

Yes download new antivirus software before norton runs out then delete norton. As for free anti-virus software Avast and AVG are two of the best out there and work just as well if not better than paid for software.

  PeeCee -idiot 16:00 07 Mar 09

Thanks. Al, do you use one of the anti-virus you suggest?

  brundle 16:00 07 Mar 09

You don't have to use the Norton Removal Tool, only if the standard uninstallation doesn't work.

AVG free does not have rootkit protection, Avast and Antivir free do.

  cheap 16:01 07 Mar 09

Hmmm I see were all singing from the same hyme sheet.

  PeeCee -idiot 16:04 07 Mar 09

Thankyou for the help, any answers to my previous questions?

  cheap 16:12 07 Mar 09

I use Avast Home its free and it works very well.

  awest3 16:20 07 Mar 09

Yes, I have 4 computers at home and use both..I have Avast on 2 and AVG 8 on two.

Its also good to have a couple of deep scan virus checkers on your system... I use Malwarebytes and Superantispyware..which I run onec a week or so..


  PeeCee -idiot 16:38 07 Mar 09

Hi, I thought I would give Malware a go my Norton sugessted it was malicious?

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