Yet another memory question

  wotbus@ 09:03 25 Jan 05

XP Home SP2 AMD3000+ with some but not too many programs/photo's/files etc installed. I have 512ddr fitted and use Casheman5.5. The spare memory indicator in the taskbar is always around 200mb +/- 30'ish. Just lately I have been using a program which is very memory hungry, Studio8 [photo to slideshow with additions], and often the spare memory indicator goes into double figures - sometimes as low as 60-70. OK, it's still spare even if it is'nt so much but the FAQ of this particular program suggests the following for a "low memory system"...Start>Run>msconfig>startup>disable all>.
Out of curiosity I tried this, restarted the PC with all disabled. Ran Casheman to check and guess what = It was still indicating 200mb [+/-] spare BUT the rendering and burning of a disc from the program [Studio8] was fast and without problem, not like before with minor glitches. Does my PC as it is, really consume 300'odd mb of memory just to tick over???

  harps1h 09:18 25 Jan 05

a general consensus is that it takes 256mb to run xp smoothly. if you intend running memory intensive programs i would suggest that you invest in another 512mb ram. you will find a marked difference if you are multitasking. go to crucial and use their tool to help pick the correct ram

  wotbus@ 09:53 25 Jan 05

I am in tbe process of upgrading the memory [have been for a couple of months!] and it's just the use of this new program has highlighted the need to speed the order up a bit LOL. I was just a bit surprised to see that disabling everything except the program I was using, made no difference. I suppose in this case its the CPU taking the strain. Cheers harps1h.

  wotbus@ 13:30 25 Jan 05

My mobo handbook tells me it supports PC3200[400mhz], PC2700[333mhz], PC2100[266mhz] and PC1600[200mhz] DDR Ram. Everest tells me I have PC2700[166mhz] fitted [one bar 512mb]. Now the dilemma - what to choose to upgrade? Fit the same is the usual answer but that would mean fitting higher capacity of slow speed! Something inside me says junk [or sell] the existing bar and replace it with PC3200[400mhz][512mb] with a view to adding another of the same later on. Does this make sense or is capacity not speed the crux of the matter?

  wotbus@ 13:45 25 Jan 05

Hmmmm - after a trip around Crucial it would appear the best thing to do is go for the PC2700 to match that already fitted. :-)

  harps1h 21:06 26 Jan 05

always get the same speed of ram as the slower will slow down the faster. to be honest if you had the money i would go to the faster ram and sell the ram you currently have.

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