Yes - popups again!

  Newuser3068 13:07 12 Aug 03

Hi team
I'm sure this question has been asked many times (but I can't find it in a search): how can I exclude specific popups? I installed a popup stopper from a cover disk some months ago but found it more trouble than it was worth. So I uninstalled it. I now find myself pestered by popups from the same 6 or so companies every day (any connection with the uninstallation?) and I'd like to try and exclude these specific poppers, rather than using a blanket popup stopper. Is there any such function available within IE 5.5? If not, any easily obtainable (cheap!) software that will help?
Thanks in advance.

  Jester2K II 13:10 12 Aug 03

NoAds - click here allows you to add your own and remove them. Free too...

  billyliv 13:12 12 Aug 03

Hi, visit the AnalogX web site and download POW. You can select the pop ups to keep or kill. It is a free download. Cheers, Bill

  The Sack 13:13 12 Aug 03

maybe you are getting them via the messenger serivce.

click here

  Newuser3068 17:26 13 Aug 03

Thanks for the useful advice, guys.

  swanson2 17:33 13 Aug 03


Google have a super "free" pop up stopper available for instant download as part of their toolbar.

I have been using it on 3 PC's for a few weeks and am well impressed.

There is a facility to allow specific Pop Ups on a "one off" or permanent basis if you wish.

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