Yellow Triangle

  Mathsman78 17:33 30 Mar 07

Hi Guy,

I work in a school and they are setting up a new ICT suite. I teach Math’s so my networking knowledge is very basic

The ICT tech has wired the room in cat5 (from each of the 20 machines back to a 3 com 24 port switch) The internet will be provided by a BT business hub and internet package (the phone line has still to be put in) so no broadband router yet.

The tech connected all the pc’s (XP pro) to the 3 com switch today and each machine has the yellow triangle (limited or no connectivity) on the network icon.

I would be most grateful of you could answer the below questions

1. Why is this message appearing (is it something to do with the ip address)
2. When the BT broadband router comes and is installed into the switch will this limited or no connectivity error disappear. (Can you explain why??)
3. If say hypothetical they just wanted the room for just sharing files and printing and no Internet is it possible to remove this error.

Once again I would appreciate any info on the above. It might seem very simple to you but any insight would be great.



  Forum Editor 18:09 30 Mar 07

there is, or there's going to be a central network server?

Or are the computers simply going to share a broadband internet service?

If you can supply a little more information I'll try to answer your questions.

  Mathsman78 20:43 30 Mar 07

Hi Thanks for your response. No there is no server. All the units will share the broadband connection. A printer will be connected to one of the units and shared. I believe that the IT department contacted BT and they say that the broadband package (BT business option 2 will support 20 users.


  Forum Editor 07:25 31 Mar 07

Your machines will have no internet connectivity until the BT router is installed.

If you simply want to run the machines as a standalaone network, with no shared internet acces you can, but someone will have to set up a workgroup and run the networking wizard on each machine. If you want to share a printer between all the computers you'll need a printserver to sort out the issue of print queuing.

  PeterRidgers 08:32 31 Mar 07

Your lan problem is either cabling (unlikely with modern switches) or simply that you have not set up the workgroup correctly: make sure all your machines are set up for the same workgroup, that each has a distinct ip address (until you get the bt router the ip addresses may have to be assigned individually - the router usually incorporates a dhcp server to assign ip addresses dynamically) and make sure that you firewalls are not blocking the lan addresses.

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