Ventad 12:07 27 Oct 11

I appear to be on a never ending circle with the Microsoft advert for 365, it has taken me two hours to log in as this advert seems to be fully taken over each and every time that I press a command on PCA. Just been able to get on now even though the advert came before each window, anybody else got this. cannot search for a previous thread incase I lose this window!!!!!

  robin_x 12:11 27 Oct 11

What browser are you using?

Also, right click your Tab for PCA and open a new or duplicate one for browsing while your PCA Tab remains 'safe'.

  Ventad 12:23 27 Oct 11


that appeared to change it this time but I wonder how many people have had this and moved on not to come back, it was infuriating whilst it lasted

  robin_x 12:27 27 Oct 11

What browser though?

  Covergirl 12:33 27 Oct 11

More complaints here

It's been running since Oct 21st - suprised you haven't noticed it in Speakers Corner . . . . ?

  robin_x 12:50 27 Oct 11

Interesting read. I haven't seen it because I have FF with AB+.

  gengiscant 12:53 27 Oct 11

I have stopped in my PC but the have not managed it with my Ipad 2.The thinking behind such an intrusive advert baffles me.

  Ventad 15:06 27 Oct 11

Sorry just got back,Useing IE9 on widows seven have not noticed it on my desktop but that is running vista and spyware blaster but having just read about spyblaster going to try that on this laptop. The Microsoft 365 advert only came on three times getting to this page. What are PCA management doing allowing such an advert taking over.

  robin_x 15:18 27 Oct 11

Additional help

2 hours seems unduly long for problems, even if the Ad is a pain. Maybe it coincided with the site problems.

In any event, having a second browser, eg Firefox or Chrome, is useful as well. You don't need to use it as a main browser if you are happy with IE.

  Woolwell 15:31 27 Oct 11

gengiscant - I get the ad being intrusive on my ipad if it thinks that I am not logged in. If it automaticaly logs me in or I haven't logged out then the ad is not intrusive.

However it is about time that PCA sorted this sort of thing out.

  Ventad 15:32 27 Oct 11

robinofloxley, thanks for that . When I replied last on clicking post microsoft 365 took over again and brought the page to a stand still stopping everything I wonder if I sent the report to microsoft wether they would tell me it was an advert from themselves that did it LOL!

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