Yellow image on screen.

  jay123 12:22 04 Apr 03

The image on my monitor is normal apart from it looks like it has been passed through a yellow filter. It jsut happend last night when i clicked to get rid of the full screen visulisations in Media player 9.
The yellow sometimes flickers in lies across the screen to normal, and at the min my picture is normal with a flicker of yellow.
My pc is,
xp1700+, msi kt3 ultra ARU, 512mb crutial pc2100 ram, Maxtor 40gb hdd, MSI Gf4 ti4200 60mb graphics, and i've got a hercules 15" tft monitor.
I've checked the monitor on another pc, updated my graphics driver. checked everything is conected properly.
All suggestions welcome.


  jay123 12:23 04 Apr 03

Forgot to mention, running Win98se and XP duel boot. Problem persists in both OS's.


  medicine hat 12:45 04 Apr 03

The red is not working properly in your monitor. Each pixel is made up of red, green and blue. Without the red, the green and blue lead to a more yellowish look on screen.

  Paranoid Android 13:20 04 Apr 03

Yes it does sound like a hardware problem, especially the bit about flickering.

Worth checking the cable is seated properly but I don't hold out much hope.


  jay123 15:46 04 Apr 03

Well its a TFT monitor, so can i have a red problem?
I've checked that the cable conected properly.
I need all the help i can get here. Please!

  medicine hat 16:25 04 Apr 03

Are there any options in your graphics driver/utility which enable manipulation of the colours?

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