Yellow folders on the left

  graham 15:00 23 Feb 03

Have the folders gone? I can only see the ones with a tick.

  « Ravin » 15:03 23 Feb 03

right where they're supposed to be?? i see them. have you tried refreshing ?

  bremner 15:04 23 Feb 03

Had this problem for ages - posted about it at the time but remains unresolved.

If you 'refresh' a couple of times this usually brings the icons back. For me this problem is only apparent on this site.

  graham 15:08 23 Feb 03

When I log on they're not there, I went to consumerwatch and they had them, came back here and there they were. I've noticed it for some time now. Never mind, just thought it odd.

  Djohn 15:08 23 Feb 03

graham, it tends to happen quite a lot. Instead of the envelope, all you can see is a little recessed square, used to think it was my PC, but as bremner says, it is only on this site. J.

  shifty 15:30 23 Feb 03

I only came across the problem when I updated internet explorer along with the security patches. Once I had adjusted the security settings in explorer and Norton firewall all was as normal.

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