Yeldarb 19:19 16 Apr 08

Different ink retailers make claims sch as " 30% more "
More than what ; isn't this meaningless ?
When I refuel my car, I know exactly how much fuel I've taken and can work out the corresponding mileage. N so ink cartridges.
Souldn't there be a clear label as to the amount ( and quality) on the cartridge ?

  wis 19:53 16 Apr 08

yes im with you on this one, when the ink gets low
turn off printer turn on you now have 20% extra
yeh right sales pitch my friend

  jack 20:03 16 Apr 08

The volume of ink in carts is usually on the pack
Typical regular Epson R series is 10 ml
I have an unbranded USA make from our Saturday Market that states 18 ml on the box for £3 or so.
They work fine.

  Yeldarb 22:58 16 Apr 08

Thank you Wis and Jack
I can't say though, that I have had any acks stating ink volume.
How do I cotact the Saturday Market ?

  wee eddie 07:40 17 Apr 08

is the number of 'Standard Printed Sheets' per 'cc'.

In other words ~ there is no equivalent of 'mpg'. and without that knowledge, all statements are meaningless.

  jack 08:24 17 Apr 08

What is the standard?
Text only
Text with spot colour
Text with full colour ove part
Full colour all over

How cant they say that

  jack 08:26 17 Apr 08

The Saturday market in my home town[or any other day in your town] not a web site.

  jack 08:26 17 Apr 08

Choice Stationery
Google for more

  wee eddie 09:11 17 Apr 08

After much faffing about.

The Printer manufacturers have agreed a 'Standard Sheet'. It contains a specified amount of coverage which should allow one to compare 'Ink Use' between printers and also define the area covered by a 'cc' of Ink.

They didn't want too, and they are not being very forward with the results

  Yeldarb 09:13 17 Apr 08

Thank you all - Wis,Jack and Wee Eddie
You gave me a chance to air a view. You understand what I mean don't you.
Maybe ink manufacturers ( and trading standards ) will take notice ? ? ? ? ?

  Totally-braindead 09:37 17 Apr 08

Perhaps next time you could use a title for your thread other than the username you picked? Something like "Ink cartridge volume" or whatever.

Makes things clearer especially if someone is searching for topics that have been covered before.

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