YAMA 16 Aug 11

well hi room been a while, but I am with a problem my vaio nw series has started to get hair line cracks on the lid part lip surrounding the screen and on the deck surrounding the keyboard. all on the edges, been intouch with sony, they say that the housing is not undr the garantee, also the place I got it from, had it 18mths, so I am looking foe a place were I can purchase the parts--or a cmpleat whole empty housing, any Ideas please, thanks yama

  northumbria61 16 Aug 11

Replacement Screen - link text

  northumbria61 16 Aug 11

Sony Laptop repair specialist (if you decide to go down that route) link text If you click on "How Much?" on that page there is a form to fill in - you supply details and they give you a quote (no hidden charges)

  YAMA 16 Aug 11

what I realy like know is were I can purchse a housing unit for the laptop

  wee eddie 16 Aug 11

Never seem a laptop casing available anywhere.

As the design of each case and its content is different, I would expect that you would need to find a case that was specific to that Model.

Best of luck, but I think that you're onto a looser.

  northumbria61 17 Aug 11

YAMA - I agree with wee eddie's comments which is why I pointed you in the direction of spares or repair. I have never ever seen replacement cases although I must admit I have never had the need to look.

  YAMA 20 Aug 11

thanks wee eddy but there is a place for replacement housing but they want to do the job and will not sell them, so I will kep looking, ps they all makes, thanks yama

  wee eddie 20 Aug 11

share please

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20 Aug 11

maybe here


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