yahoo page automatically opens...pain !!!!!!

  worcesterman47 11:45 16 Feb 08

hi, when ever i launch "internet explorer" it obviously goes to my home page...but as soon as i attempt type anything into url address to change always launches "yahoo sign in page"..i have a feeling it is to do with hot key set up..but where do i find this ? or could it be something else ? anyway ..i want to stop it happening..i am using win xp on a hewlett packard pavillion pc..many thanks in advance

  Gongoozler 11:57 16 Feb 08

Has this just started happening? I found this morning that when I accessed the Amazon UK site, I was immediately redirected to a dating site!! This has now cleared up so I assume that a hacker was at work.
Try resetting your home page to somewhere else and see what happens.

  worcesterman47 12:03 16 Feb 08 its happened since i got has some link to hewlett packard pc set up i am sure of that...its not a spyware or virus issue...just "bl***y" annoying

  Gongoozler 12:09 16 Feb 08

Try resetting the home page, I suggest Google, and see if you still get redirected. You can always set it back again.

  worcesterman47 12:14 16 Feb 08

my home page is already set for google...but when i type another url..then it opens another seperate window ...which is "yahoo sign in page" .. there is no change in home page at all.

  johnnyrocker 12:20 16 Feb 08

dont quite understand the sign in bit, is it messenger or something else? if messenger one can stop launches by selecting preferences.


  Gongoozler 12:25 16 Feb 08

Do you have the Yahoo Toolbar installed? Is this where you are redirected to?

  Gongoozler 12:25 16 Feb 08

Sorry - here? click here

  worcesterman47 12:27 16 Feb 08

hi, no its not messenger... imagine you wanted to sign into would type click here ok ? well, thats the page that launches whenever i want to type something into my homepage url bar after it has launched

  Gongoozler 12:32 16 Feb 08

Have you tried deleting all cookies and temporary Internet files?

  johnnyrocker 12:34 16 Feb 08

as far as i know one does not neeed to sign in to yahoo?


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