Yahoo Mail problems sending from POP3 client

  shil 07:39 26 Apr 08

Is anyone else having problems with sending e mails on Yahoo Mail? I keep getting a message to check my SMTP settings, I have done this and everything looks good. I am getting this problem from my lap top also which would seem to indicate that the problem is with Yahoo.

  MaxUpload 07:49 26 Apr 08

Yep! Me too.Has been happening regularly over the last few days.I just get "Enter Password" box.

Clears up eventually,but have resorted on a couple of occasions logging on to and working from there.

  sharpamat 08:46 26 Apr 08

if you are useing outlook express on Yahoo your setting may have been altered if you udated. to IE7
Open outlook express ( or mail account ) and select accounts, highlight the account then select properties then servers

your mail in ( Pop3) and out ( SMTP ) should have the servers name

down the bottom of that page is the box for authentication tick it open settings and tck the box for log on as required ( ie use same setting as incoming mail )

  shil 08:56 26 Apr 08


I am using Thunderbird as my e mail client. Have not altered any of the settings during the last 12 months. As pointed out the problem also occurs on my lap top, again none of the settings have been altered in a long time

  DieSse 10:32 26 Apr 08

Check at Yahoo - someone told me yesterday you may now have to get a pay- account to use Yahoo as POP-mail with a client.

  shil 18:16 26 Apr 08

DieSse, thanks.

If that is the case Yahoo have kept it very quiet. I cannot find anything on the Yahoo Mail site. Can anyone confirm that this is now the case? If it is then Yahoo Mail becomes a very unattractive e mail option.

  Sea Urchin 18:33 26 Apr 08

According to current info POP still available on free Yahoo

click here

  brundle 19:34 26 Apr 08

Sorted a problem if this kind for someone a few weeks back; click here

  shil 22:01 26 Apr 08

Brundle, took your advice and set smtp port to 587 and TLS (if available). Have sent a couple of test e mails and everything works OK. Thanks

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