yahoo mail problem

  alanmondey 18 Apr 11

When I try to open a message in any of my folders, I get 'LOADING...' flashing for about 30sec, then it stops, then there's 'done' at the lower left corner of the screen...but the message hasn't opened!

I've been locked out of my messages like this for almost a fortnight now. I've even tried to access my mail from a computer in my local library, so it's not likely to be anything to do with my machine.

Does anyone know what's going on with Yahoo Mail? Thanks.

  mooly 18 Apr 11

As Yahoo is web based and as you say you can't access your emails even from another PC then I think contacting Yahoo is the next option. I use Yahoo all the time and haven't heard of this problem.

Have you tried switching yahoo to "mail classic" for the old version to see if that works... just a thought.

  Graphicool1 18 Apr 11


I'm not having any trouble with my Yahoo Mail. Have you perhaps allowed your spam Mail or Deleted Mail to build up and not Deleted it?

Click Here

  Graphicool1 18 Apr 11

Even if your answer to my question is NO, click the link anyway.

  northumbria61 18 Apr 11

alanmondey - no problems here with Yahoo mail (Win 7 Pro 64bit)

  Graphicool1 18 Apr 11

Oh Yeah, I should have said with WinXP SP3 Firefox 4 and/or IE6


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