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Yahoo etc censor email

  Cabochon 21:36 12 Dec 05

friend forwarded some stuff on george bush - suggesting he wasn`t the most honest guy in the universe - and yahoo censored it:
click here

Where can i get an email account, pref. free, which does not do this?

  wee eddie 00:36 13 Dec 05

for such a reason.

If you were to take the time to read the site you posted they make no mention of politics, merely, fraud, phishing, viruses and Trojans.

I think that: a) paranoia is getting the better of you, and possibly: b) your friend is being economical with the truth!

  Forum Editor 00:45 13 Dec 05

as wee eddie says. I can't think of a single reason why they would want to do that.

  Cabochon 09:41 13 Dec 05

Hmmm... well this is the actual response I got on trying to forward the email to a friend`s yahoo email address:

Invalid final delivery userid: [email protected]

Body of message generated response:
451 mta167.mail.re2.yahoo.com Resources temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. UP Email not accepted for policy reasons. Please visit click here [#4.16.4:170].

Tho ther was this at the end:
X-Note: Scanned by Declude JunkMail click here
X-Spam-Tests-Failed: Whitelisted [0]
X-Note: Scanned by Declude JunkMail click here
X-Note: This E-mail was sent from ([383-386, Aeschylus' Oresteia]).

So maybe this anti-bush newsletter has simply been designated junk mail by someone, preventing it from being propagated?

  wee eddie 10:34 13 Dec 05

The title line appearers to have a "Link" in it.

Had this been a real link, anyone clicking on the Title would have been redirected to that site.

There would be a high potential for nasties in such a situation and I would guess that most Hosts would ban it.

  Mavericke 13:01 13 Dec 05

As mentioned by wee eddie,I don't think Yahoo would censor the e-mail.Most likely the message was rejected by the host for spam or taken the message for granted like a virus. It might be true as Yahoo does have their own spam control or anti virus software.

  Forum Editor 08:03 14 Dec 05

Yahoo didn't censor the mail - they have no reason to do so, and they would soon be out of a job if they tried it.

The message was identified as junkmail by an automated scanner.

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