dblspace 14:37 27 Apr 03

to save me searching all over the place,I loaded yahoo to send some easter cards to family etc.
now every time I click on HOME to go back to btopenworld flaming yahoo comes up.advise please, I dont want to remove it completely just put it where I can get it if I want it.


  VoG™ 14:39 27 Apr 03

In IE, Tools/Internet options and change your Home Page. If you can't (e.g. greyed-out), post back.

  Andsome 14:43 27 Apr 03

If you do what VoG™ suggests you should still be able to have Yahoo in your favourites as a useful search engine..

  dblspace 14:59 27 Apr 03

done as instructed, ok now,sorry about not putting tm on your name VoG,I havent got round to incorporating it yet,I will get it done soon,just in passing my initials are actually T.M.


  Andsome 08:17 28 Apr 03

If you press the left mouse button and drag accross the name VoG™ to highlight it, then click EDIT/COPY. Click onto the space where you want to transfer the name to create a curser, click onto EDIT/PASTE, and lo and behold the name will apear complete with ™ .

  dblspace 12:26 28 Apr 03

you must have read my mind because I was just about to put a thread out asking if there was a quick way of entering names other than typing them.with guys like you helping I am learning the "tricks of the trade" as you might say.

Many thanks to you all.I will close this thread now


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