Y does my CD-ROM not work

  Weeby Vuit 10:20 16 Jan 03
  Weeby Vuit 10:20 16 Jan 03

i have bought a CD-ROM 52X.
i installed it into the system and it didn't work so i chanced the IDE cable and it didn't work chanced it to slave on the Hard Drive cable and it doesn't work.

what can i do now HELP ME PLAESE!!!

  powerless 10:21 16 Jan 03

When you say it dosnt work, what exactly are you saying?

The draw dosnt open. Windows does not detect it?

  Weeby Vuit 10:23 16 Jan 03

the draw does open but the system says in the BIOS that it is there but when i go into MY COMPUTER it isn't there.

  Weeby Vuit 10:30 16 Jan 03

Thje draw opens. in the bios it says it is there but in MY COMPUTER it isn't there.

  powerless 10:39 16 Jan 03

Control Panel > Add Hardware...Let it find it.

  Weeby Vuit 10:43 16 Jan 03

Thanks but what if that doesn't work. i know the CD-ROM works because i have tested it in my second machine

  Weeby Vuit 14:50 16 Jan 03

any one else

  QuickHare 15:00 16 Jan 03

Sometimes, a wire connecting power to the drive fails. It breaks, works itself loose, or something like that.

If the drive works elsewhere, it's not the drive. If the other things are detected (harddrives and such) then it's not the motherboard.

As the drive doesn't operate, it may not have power. It could be a number of things, but lack of electricity does that, too.

Would anyone else agree? New plug for it?


  Weeby Vuit 15:08 16 Jan 03

i do have new IDE round cables could that be a proibble

  QuickHare 15:18 16 Jan 03

I think it's more the power lead from the mains heading into the drive. I don't think the IDE cable did it unless you plugged it in wrong.


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