y does AOL disconnect so much??

  InquisitorNik 13:21 30 Jan 03

i've given up on it now, so i know use internet explorer with AOl in the background. also AOL has blocked yahoo and MSN messenger, even tho i have full web access

  Stokey 13:33 30 Jan 03

I don't know how to help you on this as you do not give any clues as to what might be wrong but you can't have things set up properly somehow. My AOL never disconnects and Yahoo and MSN messenger work just fine.

  InquisitorNik 14:06 30 Jan 03

the screen freezes up, then everything from the browser disseapears and i have to dial up again. there is nothing wron with our phone line, and the dial up numbers are local and approved by AOL

  James-299039 16:53 30 Jan 03

I have had AOL 6.0 for abou two years. Very occasionally it does freeze and the only way out is Control+Alt+Delete which then takes me out of AOL and I have to re-dial. This happens perhaps once a month and I am online most days.

Several months ago I went through a spell of about five days when AOL would disconnect itself half a dozen or more times a day. In fact, I put a query on this helpline and was advised by other users that AOL sometimes did this and it would eventually sort itself out.

It did so after about five days and, touch wood, has not disconnected since.

  spikeychris 17:07 30 Jan 03

You don't say what version you are using, if its 6 or below upgrade to 7.

You can also try Right clicking your AOL icon on the task-bar and select system information, then chose utilities and click clear browser cache.


  PhilMeIn 19:50 30 Jan 03

I use AOL ver 7 and don't have problems using Yahoo or other messenger devices , like Stokey says . Yes probably like most ISP's they have their bad days , then it sorts its self out . Also that is good advice from Spikeychris to clear your browser cache , i was advised to do so from AOL helpline but now i use Norton Cleansweep it does that and more for me . good luck .

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