y can't i play games on my new network

  THE BEST 10:55 28 Jan 03

y can't i play games on my new network. i have connect two machines through a 4 port switch, but when in the games it says on my machine and not on the other COM 3 and COM 4 invaild or something like that. could u please HELP.


  THE BEST 14:31 28 Jan 03


  scotty 14:42 28 Jan 03

More info on the problem needed before people can make suggestions.

For starters, what is your operating system, does the network work under other circumstances, what protocols are installed and what is the exact error message.

  THE BEST 14:57 28 Jan 03

one is XP and the other is 98, i can access his harddrive and he can access mine. but in the games it says on my computer only com 3 and com 4 not connected. (because there are only 2 systems)

  THE BEST 15:07 28 Jan 03


  scotty 15:15 28 Jan 03

What is the game? I am surprised that error message refers to COM ports! What options do you get under network option in the game?

What protocols are you using (TCP/IP, NetBUIE, IPX)?

  THE BEST 15:31 28 Jan 03

i am not shore what protocol but it is transport tycoon deluxe. the option are COM 1-4 but it also says something about cable (sender) or (recever) and some more but it throws me out of the program but the other u can contuie.

  hgrock 15:49 28 Jan 03

without the exact wording of the error message it would not be easy to figure out the problem, "something like that won't do. what has the com port got to do with it, have you got device connected to the com port to controle the game? is 1 machine a server, if not have you got the game installed on both machines,

  THE BEST 16:05 28 Jan 03

the game is installed on both machines i don't know the the message send because i am not on that machine. AND yes machine 1 mine is the server

  THE BEST 16:24 28 Jan 03

should i reset and install the network again

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