Gugs 23:52 25 Mar 05

Am trying to clone my Master HDD 'C'to a new,larger disk,'D' suitably prepared,as I have done on previous occasions but all I can get is:-
"Copy failed - Detecting a cyclic copy (i.e. source includes the destination)".
and a folder 'D' appears on the desk top. Presumably the cause of the problem but where it comes from, why and how to get rid of it is beyond me.
Can anybody assist please?.

  LastChip 00:11 26 Mar 05

but I have never had much success with XXCOPY. It always seems to fail somewhere.

My preferred route now, is to use the hard drive manufacturers utilities to clone the drive. They almost all have free downloadable software available for their drives to carry out this function and generally, it works without any drama.

Ultimately, I prefer a clean install, as it gets rid of all the gathered dross, but I know this is not always feasible.

  cyberphobic 00:41 26 Mar 05

Try XXCLONE I've always had good results cloning one hdd onto a larger one using it click here

  Wak 10:37 26 Mar 05

All due respect to cyberphobic but I believe XXCLONE is for Windows XP and XXCOPY is the one for Windows 98SE otherwise the author would not still be issuing the two programs.
I have used XXCOPY with Win 98SE every 10 to 14 days for three years now as a back-up system with no problems.
All I can suggest is that you check that your typed entry is correct at the Dos-Prompt.
It should be:-

xxcopy C:\ D:\/clone

with a space between xxcopy and C:\ and between C:\ and D.

Also check that no programs are open or running while using XXCOPY.
I hope this is of some help to you.

  pj123 10:40 26 Mar 05

I use xcopy and have not had any problems so far.

Go to Start, Run and type in:

xcopy c:\*.* /e/h/k/r/c D:

and press enter. Don't forget the spaces.

Keep your C: drive as master and D: as slave.

When finished change the jumpers and reboot.

  cyberphobic 13:34 26 Mar 05

Yes, you're quite right, I stand corrected!

  Wak 14:18 26 Mar 05

Hi,I didn't really mean to correct you, it was more a case of directing Gugs to the right program which I use myself.
I wonder if he's got it sorted out yet???

  Gugs 20:57 26 Mar 05

To all for your help. Have only just got back on line as Norton AV packed up and I didn't want to risk the Net without. Will see what I can do now. Regards

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