joe95 15:54 25 Oct 03

Iam shortly going to update to XP and have read in one the daily papers that ntl is not compatable with XP and Ntl do not offer support.
Any ideas before I spend my loot

  Pusherman 16:00 25 Oct 03

I'm using XP Pro and have broadband from NTL and all is working fine.

What incompatibility were they talking about?


  albert108 16:02 25 Oct 03

I have XP pro and NTL dial up, works OK but I removed the new software and inserted the number into DUN.

See click here

  joe95 16:16 25 Oct 03

Thanks for replying.
The article said Ntl's setup doesn't work on XP but does supply instructions via website but you are on your own if there are any snags.
Can I set up a connection using the tel.no I have used for my present connection 0800 5190100

  albert108 16:24 25 Oct 03

They have replaced the dial up numbers and are replacing 0800 with 0808 ( I don't know whether that applies to everyone yet). But the new numbers start 1470 0808 . The 1470 is supposed to reveal to NTL the number you are dialling from. At some point you will not be able to connect without the 1470 prefix.

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