xplaining cpu specs and finding appropriate mobo

  Revi 18:01 03 Jan 03
  Revi 18:01 03 Jan 03

I intend buying an Intel P4 2.53 Ghz, .13u., 533 front side bus. Can someone please explain what .13u. and 533 fsb mean? Further, what is the most suitable mobo I could buy to suit this processor? Detailed answer appreciated on both these questions.

  jazzypop 18:18 03 Jan 03

.13u means the tracks, or 'wires' within the CPU are .13 microns apart. A micron is one millionth of a metre - very small indeed! The smaller the gap, the faster the CPU can work, i.e. Intel would probably not have been able to have made 2.4GHz cpu using a .25u process. It also means that the ssmaller gap between components enables more components to fit inside the CPU shell - generally this means more performance, but also more heat.

The 533 FSB is a measurement of the speed at which the CPU can communicate externally, i.e. with the motherboard and other components on the motherboard.

A suitable motherboard is one that can operate with a 533MHz FSB, can physically accept the P4 2.53GHz CPU, has the features you want and is priced to suit your wallet. Beyond that, I would not advise, as I have no recent experience of Intel-suitable mobos (I prefer AMD).

I would also find a mobo first, then buy a suitable CPU second, but that's just the way that I operate :)

click here and click here for two very good sites that will give you detailed further reading.

  jasg 18:21 03 Jan 03

The .13u stands for 0.13 microns which is the layer depth in the construction of the CPU (you do not need to worry about this). The 533 FSB means that the processor rums with a front side bus of 533 MHZ. Basically any motherboard will state what processor they support and as long as yours is covered you need not worry. As to particulaer type of motherboard the list is endless! Basically as in most things the more money you spend the better quality/more functions you will get (spare slotts, raid. etc.) and the choice will really depend on what you intend to do with the machine and how much you wish to spend, wheteher you want on sound/graphics, type of memory configuartion etc.

  Revi 18:33 03 Jan 03

jazzypop and jasg!!

Thanks my questions are answered.

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