XP,asks what program to open program

  iqs 12:19 28 Mar 11


When you click on a program ,a box appears asking what program do you wish to open it with.
This happens on all application like Firefox,Work,Excel,etc etc and system restore, MSCONFIG,system etc etc.

Any ideas please?

  Thalmus 12:42 28 Mar 11
  iqs 18:42 28 Mar 11

thanks for the help.

As yet I am unable to access safe mode.There is no f8 option(i have pressed all keys at boot),and I cant access MSCONFIG to action safe mode either.

The only option I have is the Recovery Console that was pre-installed as a dual boot.

I will try to access system restore via the console
Thanks again

  woodchip 19:19 28 Mar 11

have you tried f5 for safe mode

  woodchip 19:20 28 Mar 11

keep tapping f5 as soon as you press start

  iqs 20:27 28 Mar 11

Hi woodchip,

Have pressed F5, that particular key does nothing when pressed,thank you for the help

  ams4127 22:19 28 Mar 11

Not sure in XP, but in Win7 go to Control Panel - Default Programmes and set them up from there. Must be similar in XP.

  Les28 08:27 29 Mar 11

Can you open system restore from Task Manger as shown here

click here

However using system restore if a virus infection has caused your problem mightn't be a good idea, as the virus will perhaps move through system restore

or can you open msconfig from Task Manager by clicking File in Task Manager, New Task (Run...) and type in msconfig and click OK

MS idea here for accessing safe mode in a dual boot system

click here

There is a fix mentioned here, don't think you need to be in safe mode

click here

The one that mentions "Go To click here
In the left hand column, click WinXP fixes
Then in the list that comes up, click File Association fixes
Then in the next list that appears, click EXE File Association Fix"

Just been looking at the Doug Knox site where it mentions "If your EXE file associations are corrupted, it can be difficult to open REGEDIT, or to even import REG files. To work around this, press CTRL-ALT-DEL and open Task Manager. Once there, click File, then hold down the CTRL key and click New Task (Run). This will open a Command Prompt window. Enter REGEDIT.EXE and press Enter."

  Les28 09:44 29 Mar 11

Or can you open msconfig by opening a command prompt from Task Manager by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL to open Task Manager.
Then click on click File, then hold down the CTRL key and click New Task (Run).
This will open a Command Prompt window, type or copy and paste this into the command window


and press the enter key

same with opening system restore from a command prompt and type or copy and paste


and press the enter key

  iqs 20:17 29 Mar 11


Thanks for the advice and detailed instructions,sadly nothing had worked.

I think the answer maybe a repair install,what are your opinion of this action please?


  Les28 07:39 30 Mar 11

Do you remember if this problem started after your anti-virus program detected malware and removed it?
In which case a repair install seems an option to repair damaged windows files, however if a virus is still active, it may still be active after a repair install.

Also on the possible virus side causing the problem specialist malware removal sites might help, is this a similar case to yours

click here

or if you can get into bios OK and make CD the first boot device maybe a boot time scan with a bootable anti-virus cd.

click here

A lot here about programs not running

click here

but if you can't open regedit you may not be able to try some of the ideas, particularly the one about checking HKEY CLASSES ROOT .exe

I don't suppose sfc /scanow will work if you can't get a Run

click here

I'm not sure if the problem is the remaining damage from a virus that has been removed, or is the result of a still active virus, or has nothing to do with malware at all, that's why I'm mentioning a range of options. If possible It would be a good idea to make sure there's no malware on the pc before doing a repair install.

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