[email protected] v 2800Xp at 2.08Ghz?

  shortcircuit 10:02 04 Jan 04

Hi everyone.

I have built a pc out of all my junk and flogged it for £140!1 I now want to upgrade my pc. I have a 2400xp lightly clocked to 2.14Ghz with xp home, 512 2700DDR. All goes well and is reliable. I was thinking of moving to a 2800xp with some more ram. If I bench test my p.c in Sandra 2004, I get a respectable 7981 in Dhrystone and 3301 in Whetstone. In comparison,it shows a 2800xp Barton as only 7920/3287 respectively. Is this accurate or is it misleading? Will I see a noticeable difference with a 2800xp? I know the 512 cache will help and it is well clockable. Would I be better spending my money elsewhere like on a fx5600 256Mg graphics card?

PS. Those £22 Syntax mobo's on Ebuyer are hard work, but if you preserver they seem ok. Just make sure you use DDR and chuck the manual in the bin!

  shortcircuit 11:19 04 Jan 04


  AndySD 11:58 04 Jan 04

What is your present graphics card and what do you use the pc for?

  shortcircuit 17:26 04 Jan 04

Hi Andy.

I have a 440Mx and use it for Photos,Web,office,film and music backup and hope to use it for some games in near future. sorry for delay...been for dinner and pub.

  chrisinireland 20:15 04 Jan 04

holy shit,
i have a 3.2ghz amd and it runs at 2.18, u had ur 2.4 overclocked too much mate i think,
how can i overclock mine n e ideas

system im runnin
3.2ghz Amd xp
1ghz of ddr pci 3200
geForce Fx 5900 XT Ultra
Dvdrw and cd rw

n e elp on overclocking it would be great

  shortcircuit 22:00 04 Jan 04

Chris in Ireland.

Its very simple to get a 2400xp to run at 2.14Ghz. just move your FSB speed to a 142MHz and " Bobs your Uncle" I have had it set to 155Mhz...which is 2.3Ghz, but got a bit unstable!!. I don't clock for maximum.. I do it by a small amount to enhance everything all at once and keep stability.. I feel its just another way to 'Tune' your system to let it run smoother. I know loads of people will disagree but what ever floats your boat.

Also. You have a 3200Xp which runs at 2.18Ghz which is a Multiplier of 13 x MHz FSB. I would imagine you should be able to move your FSB to at minimum of 180Mhz which would give you 2.34Ghz. I have seen a 3200xp running at 2.6Ghz at 55c!! It was fast but at what long term expense??

I want to know if a 2800Xp barton is a significant improvement over my 2400Xp( clocked to 2600xp). Can anyone help me?

  shortcircuit 22:05 04 Jan 04

Opps! The 3200Xp runs at 200MHz fsb so you really need to lift the multiplier. Unfortunatly, its probably locked so will need unlock it first. Tap in 'Unlock 3200xp' in to Google and read away.

  shortcircuit 21:15 05 Jan 04

Bump...to see if anyone had anything new to add

  Mike574 22:19 05 Jan 04

Personally I'd go for a new graphics card as your processor is fine at the moment. For £140 you could get a Radeon 9800SE which you could then overclock it to 9800pro speeds. My old PC is an XP1800 with a Geforce 4 Ti4600 and it still runs newer games like a dream. You probably wouldn't notice that much difference if you got an XP2800 Barton when surfing/playing games, but you would with a nice shiney new graphics card. Hope this helps.

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