XP won`t run after I installed a new main board

  joeartis 10:45 19 Dec 05

I`ve installed a new motherboard and CPU, now XP won`t run. Any ideas? Thanks.

  De Marcus™ 10:48 19 Dec 05

Did your reinstall xp or just plug the hard drive back in to the new motherboard?

  €dstowe 10:54 19 Dec 05

Windows XP "knows" the motherboard and the peripherals attached to it. If any of these are different, there will be problems in the O/S recognising it.

I had occasion to have a replacement motherboard, ostensibly the same brand and model, but XP would not accept it without a complete re-install.

  joeartis 11:12 19 Dec 05

DeMarcus, I plugged the hard drive into the new motherboard.

Edstowe, will the licence allow that?

Thanks to both of you.

  ventanas 11:26 19 Dec 05

Yes, it will now. I spoke to Microsoft about this a few months ago. Apparantly changing a MB no longer cancels an OEM licence. If your copy of XP is retail then there has never been a problem.

  joeartis 12:13 19 Dec 05


Thanks for your help, is it a re install or a repair job.

  Totally-braindead 12:20 19 Dec 05

There have been a number of threads on the subject and although I have always blanked and reinstalled I am given to understand this is not necessary and you can do a repair and just install the new motherboard drivers. So I would try the repair option first. Remember to install the motherboard drivers though, even if windows doesn't ask for them as without installing them it won't run properly.

  De Marcus™ 12:31 19 Dec 05

Don't forget to backup any important data first.

  joeartis 12:42 19 Dec 05

Thanks all

  joeartis 12:44 19 Dec 05

Thanks for all your help

  Stuartli 13:03 19 Dec 05

XP doesn't always like a new mobo - the solution is to Repair XP on the initial reboot and also to reinstall SP2 if necessary.

How to Repair XP is covered at:

click here

It worked well for me about six months ago when I changed mobos and CPUs.

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