XP won't format a 4GB SD card

  Trikie 18 Dec 11

I've bought one 2GB and six 4GB Dane-Elec SD cards to use with a digital picture frame - one card for each year's pictures.

No problem copying from the PC to the 2GB card but for the 4GB I get a message to format it. However when I use the popup menu I get the message "Windows was unable to complete the format". I'm NTSC and have tried both the exFat and Fat32 settings

Is there any other way to format the card?

  baldydave 18 Dec 11

Hi, Is the switch on the card on lock?

  baldydave 18 Dec 11
  ICF 19 Dec 11

Try this program form Panasonic software

  Secret-Squirrel 19 Dec 11

"I've bought one 2GB and six 4GB Dane-Elec SD cards............No problem copying from the PC to the 2GB card but for the 4GB I get a message to format it."

Because you don't have a problem with the 2GB card from the same manufacturer, it sounds like your PC's SD card reader isn't SDHC compliant. This happens with older PCs.

To test whether that's the case, if possible, put one of the 4GB cards into your digital camera and connect the camera to the PC via USB. If you can copy successfully then that proves it.

If you can't accomplish the above and you find that formatting the card using the tools suggested doesn't help, then you can get yourself an inexpensive USB-connected card reader for your PC.

  Terry Brown 19 Dec 11

Put the card back in the camera, copy all pictures to your PC and then use the software build into the camera to either delete all or format the card.


  Trikie 19 Dec 11

Thanks everyone - I'll try one of the recommended programmes. The PC is only a year old but the card reader is 6 years old so I'll get a new one as Secret-Squirell suggests.


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