XP, Windows downloads and Updating query

  timothywilliam 14:12 12 Jan 03
  timothywilliam 14:12 12 Jan 03

I have W XP Home edition. Clicking into Support > Windows Updates I find I have seven updates which Microsoft considers are Critical and recommends downloading / installing and gives me the Option to do so. Meanwhile I have an Icon in the Taskbar which comes on every time I go into the Internet - which isn't often-which when highlighted shows a "Windows Update" and is a percentage which is very very slowly increasing. It is about 50% at this time.

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between specifically downloading programmes via Update, and just leaving the computer connected to the Internet to download these percentage Updates ? I do not have downloads as a schedule as I prefer to be in control of the time element they take.

  « Ravin » 14:26 12 Jan 03

both are the same. go to windows update if you prefer to update manually.. but if you're not insterested in knowing what you are updating you could set the computer to update automatically when you're connected to the net.

right click my computer and go to the automatic updates tab to either enable or disable automatic updates.

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