xp windows

  swanny2 16:12 31 Dec 05

hi there an All the Best 1 an all . :O)
im on win/xp media centre.
Problem is when i start up my pc ,the windows on my monitor seems too be missing half of it!
Ive tryed the buttons on me Monitor settings but that only brings the other half on me screen .Must sound weird this but even when i go into my golf game,i can only see half the window.
Everything else is ok when it boots up proper my Desktop is ok ,an browsing, my setting on resolution is 1024x768 32 bit highest clour... Any 1 any ideas please . an tx.

Swanny :O)

  mattyc_92 17:06 31 Dec 05

If you right-click onto the desktop, do you notice that you are missing half of the "Right-Click Menu" no matter where you click on the desktop?
If so, reinstalling graphics card may help...

  swanny2 17:48 31 Dec 05

no mate its all fine wen its booted just when its starting up an in my game ,,hmm.

  swanny2 18:07 31 Dec 05

ok ive found if i put my resolution settings too the lowest far right when i click on adjusting settings, it works as a ful screen . hmm weird. ty anyway mate.
cheers .
Swanny. :O)

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