XP and Win2K. Dual Boot and File Access

  Flopper 15:22 07 Mar 03

I asked this question and read some old messages but am getting mixed messages.
I want to format my primary drive (XP) to NTFS to access the improved file/folder security and leave my Secondary drive as FAT32 (Win2K) for games, etc.
From memory I seem to think that I can access and write to/copy from the FAT32 drive from a NTFS drive but cannot do the same from the FAT32 drive to an NTFS drive ??
Also one of the respondents claimed that you cannot Dual Boot with NTFS ?
What if I formatted both drives to NTFS ?

  Lú-tzé 20:44 07 Mar 03

If going for a complete reformat, then create 3 partitions:

1 - install win2k on fat32

2 - install XP and make ntfs

3 - have a fat32 partition for shared stuff, eg my docs etc.

You cannot (easily) access NTFS partitions from FAT32 partitions.

No problem with dual booting on NTFS disks - but you can only dual boot #NT / 2K / XP as these are the only OS which can be on NTFS.

I hope that clarifies things a little.

  Flopper 22:18 07 Mar 03

Thanx for the advice. I bit the proverbial bullet and converted my 20GB C (XP) drive from FAT32 to NTFS, which was painless as the drive was virtually empty having been formatted (but not partitioned)recently and I left my 6.2GB D (Win2K) drive as FAT32. Everything seems to be working OK, the only minor hiccup was I had to reinstall my Modem after rebooting, which may or not be linked.

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