xp will not start

  LANDCRUISER 15:11 24 Dec 07

been having problems since aol configed my internet connection on netgear,kept geting disconnection 2 showing up on explorer,they could not solve this & since then things started to go wrong,could not get updates on norton 360,i think i pick up something that has killed the pc,i cant boot in safe mode & i cant get xp disc to reload windows,it just keeps going round in circles rebooting then stopping & rebooting,anyone got any ideas what i can do ta

  Technotiger 15:19 24 Dec 07

Have you got a printer or other peripheral switched on prior to booting? 'cos this can sometimes cause the problem you are having - make sure everything else is switched off before booting.

  LANDCRUISER 15:23 24 Dec 07

Hi technotiger,i pulled all the usb out & internet connection so this cant be the problem

  Technotiger 15:32 24 Dec 07

When it reboots, how far does it get before stopping again? Knowing this, might give someone other ideas .....

  LANDCRUISER 15:36 24 Dec 07

it wont go at all now,it did get to windows opening but that has now gone,there just a blank screen

  LANDCRUISER 15:39 24 Dec 07

just switched it on again & it beep once then windows came up then restarted

  Technotiger 15:40 24 Dec 07

Hmm, I am beginning to wonder if perhaps this is a hardware problem, rather than a Software fault? I am thinking possibly failing PSU! Can you fill us in with some details about your hardware.

  Technotiger 15:41 24 Dec 07

Oh - strange - one beep is a good sign, generally means that all drives are operating correctly. Are you saying Windows is now up and running?

  LANDCRUISER 15:53 24 Dec 07

it a 5 yr old mesh pc running athlon 266mhz motherboard + sound,amd athlon 1900+CPU 266MHZ,1gigmemory 266mhz 80gb udma 133 7200rpm hdd with 2mb buffer,windows xp home

  LANDCRUISER 15:57 24 Dec 07

no its not up and running i get 1 beep folowed by two longer beeps then starts over again

  Technotiger 16:05 24 Dec 07

Those beeps normally indicate video card problem.
Only guessing really, but, if it were mine I would remove and replace video card, making sure it is seated properly. While inside PC I also would check for cleanliness - dust, fluff etc, especially around fans and CPU and PSU.

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