Xp, Vista or upgrade

  manrow 08:39 08 Jul 12

My 4 computers are running XP or Vista.

Are there compelling reasons why I should upgrade them to a later operating system, until at least I buy new computers?

  Pine Man 09:03 08 Jul 12

If they are all working fine, are secure and do what you want them to do satisfactorily, why bother?

  iscanut 10:15 08 Jul 12

Wait until your next new computer(s).. If you buy new ones now, you will get Windows 7 with a cheap upgrade path to Windows 8, but as Pine Man says, if they are OK for you now, leave things as they are.

  chub_tor 10:29 08 Jul 12

Pine Man hits one nail on the head regarding security, Windows 7 is more secure than earlier versions. Your XP machines may not have the capability of running Windows 7 but the Vista machine will. Personally I would upgrade this one to Windows 7; you will find it will be more secure and run faster. Windows 8 has not been designed for simple desktop machines, to get the best from it a touch screen monitor will be needed.

  Batch 09:49 09 Jul 12

You asked "Are there compelling reasons why I should upgrade....."

The answer to this is clearly NO at this point in time unless either of these is true:

-- One wishes to run applications not supported under XP.

-- One is paranoid about security. XP will continue to receive security updates from Microsoft until (at least) April 2014 (see Extended Support End Date here.

As long as one uses a decent firewall and anti-virus / anti-malware software security should not be an issue in the meantime.

  woodchip 11:03 09 Jul 12

Mine all run XP one even dual boots with 98se. cannot see any need to change unless you want to keep up with the Joneses

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