XP users how can different users access same email

  mort 22:26 18 Jan 03
  mort 22:26 18 Jan 03

I an running XP Home and want to set 2 user accounts one for me and one for the misses. The problem is we have a joint email account is it possible to set up outlook or xp so we can both use and access the same account.

  howard60 22:43 18 Jan 03

either of you can log onto hotmail etc.

  mort 00:30 19 Jan 03

hotmails ok but i want to access outlook from either account ie i click outlook and get emails, misses clicks outlook and gets same emails

  jazzypop 00:44 19 Jan 03

There are various workarounds, but no simple answers, as there is only a single copy of the email on your ISP's server. It cannot be downloaded twice/

1. Set one account to 'leave a copy of messages on the server'. However, this relies on the account that has this setting always viewing a message first - not easy to achieve.

2. Set up a second email account. This is by far the simplest method - anything that you feel your wife needs to see, or vice-versa, can simply be forwarded to the other account.

3. Set up a mail server on your PC. Emails then go from your ISP to your email server, and you can both view / delete / store them at your leisure. There are several free programs that can do this, and Google will find them all.

However, they tend to be quite complex to setup.

5. There is a program called Mailwasher, available from click here

It is actually designed to help you avoid downloading viruses, but if one of you was to only use this to read your emails, the message would still be on the ISP's server. You will have the same problem as with solution 1, though - what happens if the person who does not use Mailwasher is checking their mail when a new message arrives? It will be downloaded, and the person using Mailwasher will never see it.

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