XP User Restrictions

  Bramblerose 13:48 26 Apr 05

We have a communal PC with Windows XP Pro. All the users at the moment have administrator rights due to the fact that games and some of the other software will not run under the normal user rights.

With exam and revision time looming, we want to limit the internet connection times for certain users ie, the children! Access to the PC is a requirement for some of the work so keeping it unplugged is not an option!

Are there any tools in XP that can time limit internet access or block certain programmes ie MSN Messenger?

Any thoughts would be welcome!


  timeteam2004 14:09 26 Apr 05

click here I am not sure that anything is built built in to XP, But my childs school uses this.

  TomJerry 14:25 26 Apr 05

click here

or have a good discussion with them

In my view, if they cannot follow the rule you set for them, they should not be allowed to have net access.

  Indigo 1 16:18 26 Apr 05

One of the problems with XP is that all users have access to the Control Panel and all restrictions can be overrided using the shortcuts in Control Panel by inquisitive people.

I have not been able to successfully limit access for children without virtually crippling the PC.

I find it is better to educate them than to attempt to restrict them.

  TomG 18:58 26 Apr 05

Macafee do quite a good program - you set each person up according to their age and you can also set the amount of time they are on the net. I find it works OK.

  Bramblerose 22:48 26 Apr 05

I may use the trial programme timeteam recommended as it's available for 30 days.

I have had "words" with the teenager in question and have come to an agreement which if followed will satisfy both parties... if not, I will pull the plug!

Thanks for your replies

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