tenor 10:11 31 Jan 03

Is there any way of enabling usb2 without using all sp1.After reading all the reports i dont want to screw up my system with sp1

  goonerbill 10:31 31 Jan 03

do you have usb2 on your mobo or add on card. more info please.

  tenor 10:33 31 Jan 03

Just bought new moba asus a7n8x with onboard usb2

  tenor 10:51 31 Jan 03

While we are on the subject,usb2 provides more power.Willusb1.1 devices benefit from this?

  hoverman 11:30 31 Jan 03

Why not do a system restore point, install sp1, and if your system is "screwed up" use system restore to put you back? I have installed sp1, as have many others, with no problems at all.

  woodchip 11:34 31 Jan 03

Other than that you will have to buy a PCI USB2 card with drivers

  goonerbill 11:48 31 Jan 03

the cd that came with ya mobo should have the drivers to enable usb2. my gigabyte ga-vax kt400 has the required drivers. check the manual and cd

  goonerbill 11:52 31 Jan 03

usb1.1 printers/scanners etc. will only operate at its defind speed if connected to usb2. you wil notice a difference if ya have a usb2 enabled scanner/printer.

  tenor 14:57 31 Jan 03

thanks to all for info

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