XP Upgrade or not !

  vipermax 19:40 07 Sep 03

Hi, I am currently running Windows Me and would like to upgrade to XP. Is it worth it! and can my computer support it. I have a Packart Bell AMD Athlon (tm) 1.0Ghz, 256 RAM and 40GB H/drive. thanks in anticipation.

  Quiller. 19:50 07 Sep 03

Windows X\P will run fine with the "AMD Athlon (tm) 1.0Ghz, 256 RAM and 40GB H/drive."

What you have to take in to consideration is your peripherals and software. You may have to go the web to get drivers for some.

As to if it is worth it. It's horses for courses. Some say M.E. is great, most say X\P is brill. I personally think X\P is far above the best O\S to date.

  vipermax 19:54 07 Sep 03

Thanks bsod, that answers my question.

  Legolas 20:00 07 Sep 03

I have at one time or another used Win 95,98,98se,ME and now XP and without doubt XP is the best system yet. But it is a personal preference thing although I would recommend the upgrade.

  Kitz E Kat 20:16 07 Sep 03

use a M$ OS then XP is the way to go ..

It picks up most hardware, its nice to install..

You can take the ' fisher price ' look out of it by switching to classic view , if you want ...

Do it....
Kitz E

  Djohn 20:37 07 Sep 03

I like the "Fisher price" look of XP, in fact that was the only reason for changing from 98se. But then I like the look of AOL 9 as well ;o)

  VoG II 20:41 07 Sep 03

Check hardware and software compatibility click here

  Kitz E Kat 20:44 07 Sep 03

I do not have a problem the the look of XP , lots of people, and some Katz do!!!!!
Kitz E ;-)

  Ironman556 21:00 07 Sep 03

If you upgrade and have driver problems, try the Win 2000 drivers. Things like the Epson Stylus 540 will run OK, but don't have officially XP supported drivers.

Initially I didn't like the feel of XP, but grew to like it. Like a lot of people never managed to get BSOD on my PC.

  Quiller. 22:16 07 Sep 03

Yes I can categorically assure everyone. I have never been on Ironman556 P.C. :)

  Djohn 22:21 07 Sep 03

LoL :o)

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