XP Updates, Initializing installation... Freezes

  Mysticnas 16:23 16 Oct 05

Hi all,

Just reinstalled XP SP2 and installing updates, however, there's a problem. It keeps freezing on install. It manages to download everything but then it says:

"Initializing installation..."

And just stays like that and doesn't actually install anything.

Does any one have any idea of why this is?


  woodchip 16:26 16 Oct 05

Try turnning Computer Off the Install will more than likely run when Windows as turned of background programs. it will then shut down. Restart to see how it goes

  Mysticnas 16:53 16 Oct 05

It didn't make a difference. The updates were there waiting for me to install them still.


  Mysticnas 17:56 16 Oct 05

Turned off this time instead of restart...

It said do not turn off install installing updates, computer will shutdown automatically.

Came back to it an hour later and it was still on update 1 of 26. So i just rebooted.

Came back to desktop and decided to go to windows update website and this is what it's been at for about the past 15mins...

"Downloading Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 (update 1 of 2)... done!
Downloading Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) (update 2 of 2)... done!
Initializing installation..."

Anymore ideas people?

  Mysticnas 20:42 16 Oct 05


  splork 20:55 16 Oct 05

I can't guarantee an answer but try doing a disk cleanup to clear out the old update files (my computer, right click C:, properties, disk cleanup), then look for and delete a folder called windowsupdate in Program Files, reboot and try again. I take it you are logged in with an administrators account? If the updates can be downloaded but not installed, as a bodge you could try using this click here to store the files for manual installion. Not a fix, but one way round it.
Also, a diskscan with chkdsk /f at the command prompt would reveal any problems with your hard drive that might prevent files being saved properly.

  splork 20:56 16 Oct 05

Empty your Internet Explorer cache too

  Mysticnas 21:36 16 Oct 05

Problem was that I just reinstalled it, i fresh install.


I looked into it and found that it was problem with system restore. I've disabled system restore off all drives and it seems to be working now.

What updates does is set a system system restore point just after dowloading but before installing the updates and this is where it froze as there was a problem with system restore.

So i've sorted out Windows update... now onto why Restore isn't working.

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