xp system file check

  johnnyrocker 17:40 11 Nov 04

have forgotten the command any help please?


  Eastender 17:42 11 Nov 04

Start Run sfc /scannow

  johnnyrocker 17:44 11 Nov 04

cheers for swift response.


  Carafaraday 18:34 11 Nov 04

Could someone explain why you would want to do a system file check? is it something like defragging that you should do regularly? or something for the more technically minded that I should steer clear of?

  CurlyWhirly 18:42 11 Nov 04

I have so far NOT had to use this command but it is used if you suspect that some of your operating system files have become corrupted.
It scans through them ALL and replaces any corrupted files from the XP CD.

I believe you can only use this command with the RETAIL VERSION of XP as if it is an OEM version then you most probably DON'T have an XP CD and have an option instead to go back to 'factory settings'.

  CurlyWhirly 18:48 11 Nov 04

This following link was sent to me by VoG™ so he must take the credit for it! click here

  Carafaraday 22:34 11 Nov 04

Thank you for your replies and explanations. So much to learn...........!!

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