XP 'system failed memory test'?

  tristar 18:50 07 Jul 03

Now and again, when booting up XP, the voice-over comes up with "System failed memory test", but XP continues to load normally. what does a failed memory test mean, and is there anything I can do about it?


  Willow12 19:02 07 Jul 03

click here to test your memory as you appear to have a problem with your RAM. It may just need checking to ensure that it is inserted properly which is very easy to do. If it is properly in place and the test shows up a problem then it is best to get some from click here as their Memory Selector will help you pick the right memory for your PC. There turn around is very quick and anything ordered tonight you should have by Wednesday.

If you have more than one memory stick then test each one independantly to see which is faulty but remember that there should always be a stick in Rimm 1 on your motherboard so a bit of switching around is required.

Hope this helps.

  Willow12 19:04 07 Jul 03

Excuse my English I was trying to type quickly!

  Rayuk 20:12 07 Jul 03

If you have the AsusA7N8X deluxe just ignore it or turn her off via the bios.

  tristar 10:57 08 Jul 03

Thanks for the advice, I may well end up ignoring the message, anything for an easy life!



  Megatyte 11:32 08 Jul 03

I'd do as Willow12 recommended and go to Simmtester. Download and run DocMemory. It's non intrusive and just makes a bootable floppy which you can use on any PC.


  Muzziad 11:55 08 Jul 03

do as RayUK suggests. i have the Asus A7N8X and soon got bored of her voice. i tested my memory (2x512mb Corsair 2700 Platinum) a few times as the message worried me slightly at first but every time i checked it was fine. the message seems to have more to do with the way XP shut down previously than any memory failure during boot.

  tristar 14:58 08 Jul 03

OK, I'll kill the voice, thank you.

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