XP sudden shutdown

  hgrock 18:41 16 Mar 03

I have XP home, athlon 2gb, 512 ddr400 ram, New abit MB, 300 wat psu. lately my pc just switches off without warning, if i am using the internet it never does that only when i am running a program like photoshop, never does it in word or excel, it has even done it if i try to run disk cleanup with no other program running it switches off everytime with that one, i have to press the switch to restart, which it does ok, no safe mode or anything, can anyone think of a reason, i can only think of memory of Psu, any ideas folks

  barrie_g 18:46 16 Mar 03

try looking in the event viewer to see if it gives any clues as to what is going on.

  neil.s 19:51 16 Mar 03

I had a similar problem, mine was restarting all by itself, mostly while playing games, asked in this forum yesterday and that led me to various things but it is sorted now, and it was down to some memory not located properly in its slot

  hgrock 20:13 16 Mar 03

nothing in the event viewer, a few errors but nothing to link with the sudden power off

  hgrock 20:19 16 Mar 03

i have a feelings it's either memory or psu will upgrade psu to 400wat first because that is the cheaper option, this motherboard is a pain also windows will not accept any drivers for the hpt374 udma ata1333 raid controller so it's disabled

  neil.s 13:23 12 Apr 03

I was on the right track it was memory, it was my Asus mother board it only supports two memory slots of 2700ddr and I had thre installed, removed one and all is back to normal.

  The Sack 14:05 12 Apr 03

I would still get a bigger PSU mate if i was you, The 300W rating on your PSU will be for its maximum unsustainable output, its real sustainable figure will no doubt be less than 200W and your new gear will be putting it right on its limit. More info can be got by click here

These are good for the money click here and there is a review of it click here

  hgrock 14:27 12 Apr 03

i do have a 540 w psu exactly the one you recomended, the problem was overheating of the cpu when running photoshop, i put some compoung on the heatsink (had none when it was removed) and problem went away

  hatchet 19:03 30 Jun 03

I realise this is not a recent thread but I am experiencing a similar problem and would appreciate some help. When your PC shutdown was the CPU fan still running? I'm just wondering if I may have the same problem.

  trashi 21:37 30 Jun 03

I am also experiencing a similar problem. I'm running WinXP Pro on XP3000+ Barton, ABit NF7-S v2.0, 1gb Ram(2x512mb pc2700), 400W PSU, FX5600 128mb. The pc will operate normally for a period of time, then the monitor switches to powersave. The PSU, CPU, MBoard, agp...... fans all run, but they seem to rotate slower. On repowering up, no indication is given of a bad shutdown and nothing in event viewer. please help us

  trashi 21:39 30 Jun 03

I have an old nVidia TNT2 agp card. When this is installed, the pc runs for longer periods of time before dieing instead of the FX5600.

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