XP Slow boot

  poogles_uk 21:37 06 Feb 04

It takes a long time (over 20 secs) from the win xp pro boot up screen appearing to being able to log on. This is what i find slow. I can give exact times if they are wanted.

  VoG II 21:53 06 Feb 04

Over 20 seconds! If you live to be 70 that's an age if you reboot once a day. Go and make a cup of instant tea. Mine takes a minute and a half.

  poogles_uk 21:56 06 Feb 04

on my dads laptop it takes a lot less.

That can be over 30 from when the win xp pro screen first appears.

  Chegs ? 22:13 06 Feb 04

There are several previous posts in PCA concerning bootup times.It also included ways to speed it up.My pc takes upto five minutes from switch-on to get to the XP loading screen,and can then need several more restarts to actually arrive at the desktop.This is due to the RAID setup needing to sort itself,then the SATA controller,then the drivers for SoundBlaster,etc.The SATA drives are pigs from cold boot,often the bootup simply stops,so I do as VoG suggested(only coffee)whilst pc's frozen(giving the components time to warm thru)then try again.This is the main reason I leave my pc running 24/7(no need to wait for it warming up)as it has been known for it to take over an hour of reset/reset/cfg.sys missing corrupted/Repair XP,etc to finally get online.Once its warmed up tho' it only takes around a minute. ;-)

  jimv7 22:32 06 Feb 04

Similar to Chegs, my pc is scsi based so to check each drive on boot up, at least 20 secs per drive all takes time, I would not worry about it if the pc is working ok once it starts.

You can always edit 'msconfig' to stop various programmes from loading. this will help speed the boot-up time.

  User-312386 22:36 06 Feb 04

20 seconds, thats quick

i would not worry to much about that

what are your system specs?

  poogles_uk 06:10 07 Feb 04

1.2ghz atlon, 512mb ram.

I have a raid card with my dvd drive on .

Im measuring the time from the win xp screen comes up til i can logon

  poogles_uk 09:55 13 Apr 04

Anyway no way to resolve this!!!

  poogles_uk 10:38 19 Apr 04

Resolved by changing cpu and psu, faster start up

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