XP running Very Slowly after Acronis cloned HD

  Michael_R 21:22 07 Jun 09

Hi I have just cloned my 120Gb HD to a 400Gb HD using Acronis and the result is that it now takes in excess of 5 mins before XP can be used and files take too long to open/run using the 400Gb HD. The only major difference between the two drives is that the 120Gb is a Maxtor ATA-133 and the 400Gb is a Seagate ATA-100. I have switched back to the 120Gb HD just to check and it is just as fast as it was before. I did try changing the HD jumper on the 400Gb HD between cable select and Master but it made no difference.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated

  phono 21:35 07 Jun 09

Have you tried a defrag on the Seagate drive to see if that helps?

  Michael_R 21:38 07 Jun 09

Hi thanks for the quick response. I should have said that I did run an optimise and defrag, and I also ran Advance System Care 3 to clear all the old clutter.

  Michael_R 21:51 07 Jun 09

Hi, I have run some other investigating software and I think the drive is dud. Thanks all.

  phono 21:55 07 Jun 09

Have you checked in device manager for any conflicts or device errors?

Also check what mode the drive is running in, PIO or Ultra DMA.

  phono 21:58 07 Jun 09

Did you use the Seagate HD diagnostic software? If not download and run it, it will give you the definitive answer as to whether or not the drive is dud.

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