XP Repair

  Confab 15:55 05 Jan 11

A friend of mine is having problems with his laptop running very slowly. He’s running XP SP3 and he wants to have a go at repairing XP as per click here He has his original XP disk which I believe is XP prior to the first SP update.

Will this disk work OK with SP3?


  GaT7 16:19 05 Jan 11

Yes, it will work OK, but all the updates will need to be reinstalled.

I would recommend a fresh OS install instead. It takes roughly the same time (as a repair), & the rewards are worth it. Don't forget to backup either way - repair or fresh install. G

  GaT7 16:21 05 Jan 11

For the fresh install, he also needs to have the OS Product key, motherboard drivers & other program discs/downloads (& their keys if applicable) to hand. G

  Confab 22:22 05 Jan 11


Thank you. I'll give it a go.


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