XP Refusing to start up properly

  alexgray104 18:30 05 Feb 07

Last night I let me Compaq Evo N610c laptop completely run out of battery (i feel asleep with it on my lap). Anyway, on starting up when plugged in this morning it refused to get into the desktop, sticking on the starting up your computer screen. I thought it was because of the battery, but after leaving it on charge all day, its still sticking. I tried going on "last known good configuration", but the problem still occurs. I am now going to try the XP repair console using my disk. But I have done a few important documents since my backup last wednesday.. is there any chance of recovering these..via safe mode???? Also, will the recovery console wipe all music, programs and documents on my computer if I use it? I am willing to wipe to get my laptop working again, but I'd like to save it all if I could...

  sean-278262 18:33 05 Feb 07

Do a repair install of windows using the master CD you have. This will just replace all the windows files and not remove your documents. If this does not work then it sounds like a full reboot. However can you clarify more what the problem is. Where does the boot stop, the more detail we get the more we can help.

  woodchip 18:57 05 Feb 07

Try holding down the Shift Key as it boots. If you get into windows come back hear

  alexgray104 19:01 05 Feb 07

Well the problem is that the computer takes ages, much longer than normal on the black xp loading screen and then freezes on the blue "computer starting up" screen after that. I don't have a clue what caused it. I am first going to try Woodchip's shift key and then do a repair. If that fails to work looks like I've lost all my music :( (2gb and not backed up since christmas - I don't consider it as important as documents!)

  alexgray104 19:14 05 Feb 07

The shift key trick didn't work, system still booted and froze as usual. I'm going to try as system repair now, can anyone confirm whether i will lose any docs/music?? Because If I'm going to lose everything anyway, I might aswell format the hard drive and just get on with reinstalling windows...

  VoG II 19:16 05 Feb 07
  woodchip 19:17 05 Feb 07

If you do a Repair you will not should not loos any files only XP updates, you will have to download all again.

  alexgray104 19:18 05 Feb 07

many thanks for prompt answers :)

I shall give recovery console on xp cd a go now...

  Totally-braindead 19:18 05 Feb 07

Read this click here if you follow the instructions properly then it won't effect your documents.

  alexgray104 16:27 06 Feb 07

Thanks to everyone who helped with the problem, the system is now up and running - and I still have 2gb of music plus my docs!!

First I actually made the mistake of going into the recovery console, and ended up with a command prompt type screen. But after following totally-braindead's link advice, it worked ok!

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