XP recovery - cannot see files

  Young Ranger 21:00 04 Aug 04

I have had a few problems and had to resort to using the system recovery disc. I used the second option, reinstall system files without format and have now got it working again. However, I cannot see my old programmes and files.

My Computer indicates that the same amount of disk space (10 GB) is in use as there was before the system recovery. I assume that this means the files are still there but cannot be seen. Am I correct and if so can I access them.

If There is no way to access them, can I recover the disc space without a complete format?

  daidash 21:14 04 Aug 04

Young ranger I am new to all this so excuse me if this is out of place. Have you gone to system restore Go to control panel performance and maintenance on left side you get system restore you can create your own restore day. Hope this is some help daidash

  woodchip 21:22 04 Aug 04

Do not know what Comp you have I have a Medion Recovery Disc that as three different way's to recover. If computer will not boot

1/ Restore System Files

2/ Restore System Files and Drivers, I can still use all programs at this point.

3/Restore as Full Recover when Computer first Purchased, Loos everything on C:\ and back with clean Slate

  stalion 21:24 04 Aug 04

Do a file search,just put an x in the search box it will bring up all your files then you can have a look to see if your missing files are there

  Legolas 21:25 04 Aug 04

have you tried searching for something you know is on your comp but you cant see.

  Legolas 21:26 04 Aug 04


  Young Ranger 21:44 04 Aug 04

Found them all in C:\My Old Desk Structure. The programme files are also there but when I try run them I get a message "Operating system is not configurd to run the application."

The document files are not linked to the programme. IE, an Exel file does not have an Excel icon. I reinstalled one of the programmes but still could not access the files.

  woodchip 21:51 04 Aug 04

In Explorer select the file you want to open, then Right click on the file while you hold the shift key down then choose "Always Open With" and choose the program that you want to associate, the file with, put a tick in the box, and it will always open the file with the program.

  Young Ranger 22:45 04 Aug 04

Thanks Woodchip but I have already tried that and the programmes are not listed. I am copying the docs into my folder and then I think I will have to re install the programmes.

Re installing the programmes is a bit of a pain but at least I won't have to go through all my back up discs to restore the docs.

  woodchip 22:57 04 Aug 04

Are the Programs on the Computer if so try going to the Program .exe file and double click it to see if it will start. If it does you can use the above post before this one and browse to the .exe file. Instead of looking in the list

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