XP Re-install -now can't Validate

  Seth Haniel 08:23 29 Jul 10

after re-install (over top) of XP sp3 - it has given me 3 days to Validate. (Because of hardware changves since original installation.)
Problem 1. it asks if I want to Validate - I click yes and nothing Happens.
(even went to system32/oobe and tried running validation prog from there - nothing happens)
Problem 2. I am away from Pc now till Monday Evening - so the 3 days will be well over - and the prospect of a PC that will not get past the Validation Screen - but no way of validating it.

I did a system restore last week which needed a Validation afterwards which went smoothly ( having to phone Microsofts auto Validation line - as no internet connection)

what is the next step?

  birdface 08:31 29 Jul 10

No internet connection.
Maybe drivers need updating.
Driver Magician 3.5 free for today.

click here

Not sure if it is any good or not as I have never used it.

  Seth Haniel 08:35 29 Jul 10

need internet connection to get the giveaway up and running

- PC was fully up to date with all drivers - but XP fault ???? had stopped internet connecting - even though Skype was connected - and also on each boot the Audio drivers where not installed.

prompting a restore - and then this latest relaod

  birdface 08:37 29 Jul 10

Sorry Seth just realized that you are not available to download it.
Looks like you may have to wait till you get an Internet connection and try again.

  Seth Haniel 08:51 29 Jul 10

With the curreent problem - it may be never

  birdface 08:53 29 Jul 10

Could it just be an Internet Explorer problem.
Have you tried Firefox to see if that connects.
never used Skype before but if that connects you must have some sort of connection.
Maybe try advanced and reset Internet Explorer and make it your default web browser.
Any yellow exclamation marks in device Manager.
And have you got it set to boot from proper device in Bios.
If you do not have a floppy drive on your computer make sure that it is completely switched off in the Bios.
I had problems with that when I reformatted my son in laws Dell 320 Optiplex.
Lets hope someone can help you with your problem as I know not a lot.

  Seth Haniel 09:05 29 Jul 10

had another threads going in two forums for quite awhile now with no solution - been through every avenue - firefox etc....

but not the issue at the moment - It is the Validation of Xp that needs to be resolved before I can look at anything else

  birdface 09:08 29 Jul 10

click here

Now that was the problem that I was having after the reformat.
looks like the Broadcom update was the most important.
I only added this as I believe it is a Dell that you are having problems with.
If not please ignore this.

  gengiscant 09:10 29 Jul 10

Can you not validate by phone, the option usually pops up if there is no internet connection available.

  birdface 09:12 29 Jul 10

I suppose the Validation is the problem but without internet connection it is going to be difficult.
Looks like another phone call to Microsoft but it will probably update Ok when connected.
Will leave you with your problem and hope someone can give you the proper advice.
Good luck.

  Seth Haniel 09:16 29 Jul 10

"Problem 1. it asks if I want to Validate - I click yes and nothing Happens.
(even went to system32/oobe and tried running validation prog from there - nothing happens)"

cannot get the validation screen up to do that - the main problem of this thread

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