XP Pro and Vista 64bit

  flateric1 16:28 25 Aug 08

I went to dual boot a new pc am building soon. I am going to have Vista 64bit 4 gig of ram and put XP Pro on another hard drive? Can I do that? or do they need to be on same drive? Also well XP Pro see the 4 gig or just 3 gig like Vista 64bit?

Thank you

  thms 17:37 25 Aug 08

I have a dual boot system with XP Pro and Vista 64bit. These are on seperate drives. You need to install XP first then install Vista second.

XP will not see the full 4GB of ram but Vista 64 bit will.

  flateric1 17:40 25 Aug 08

Thats all I wanted to know thank you

  flateric1 17:41 25 Aug 08

Why do you need to install XP 1st I want XP on my 2nd drive ie D and Vista on C ( main drive) how do i do that?

  thms 17:54 25 Aug 08

You must install the earliest OS first. When you install Vista it will boot to Vista by default.

So you will always boot to vista. A screen will appear during bootup where you can select Earlier versions of windows if you require to boot to XP simply select this option. If you select nothing you will boot to Vista.

  Zeppelyn 20:50 25 Aug 08

Its not a must to install XP first but it is the easiest option. You can have Vista on C and XP on D by pointing the XP set up to D whether that be a second partition on one drive or a separate drive. The XP install will place its boot files on C and when you come to install Vista there it will see the XP install and add it to its boot menu.

Incidentally if you install Vista by booting from its DVD and installing that way Vista will always see itself as C drive anyways.

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