XP Pro Upgrade Hardware - How much can i do?

  PaulB2005 17:40 14 Jan 08

What are the rules / guidelines around upgrading hardware on XP Pro (Genuinue OEM)?

I've added a HDD after one died.

I know i can increase the RAM but waht about the CPU? Could i go from a AMD 64 3200+ to a dual core processor?

My mobo is Socket 939 and some places are selling of the CPUs cheap(ish)....

Would MS mind the upgrade?

  Ashrich 18:59 14 Jan 08

I think it is only things like Motherboard and oddly Network card that starts the registration thing off , and if it does that , all you do is phone them ( it does show a Uk number ) and tell them that you have made an upgrade , due to whatever reason , and they'll give you a new code to put in . I have had to do this before a couple of times and all the people I have spoken to have been friendly and courteous at all times , and helpful as well .


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