XP PRO Remote Assistance won't work

  Photographica1 09:02 08 Mar 03

Hi everyone,
I have an annoying problem with XP's remote assistance and the application sharing programs. I cannot get them to work!
I also have zone alarm and thought this may be the problem, but their help staff have been very helpful though ultimately we have not solved the problem.
If I invoke one of these progs, all appears to function (by that I mean I do not get an error message) but nothing appears on screen.
EG. If I start the whiteboard application a small window pops up saying "wait.." but thats it.
I thought it could be zonealarm so D/L a document from MS which detailed all the ports these applications required, set zonealarm to enable them, but no luck.
Any ideas, experiences or comments would be most helpful.

  -pops- 09:14 08 Mar 03

Remember that the computer you are connecting to must also have remote assistance enabled and its ports or whatever must be ready to accept wahtever it is you are sending down the line.

I've used RA once and it was not a success. In the end I found it better to talk through the problem on the phone.


  Photographica1 09:37 08 Mar 03

You are quire right and we did try that, the problem is that it is not just remote assistant but things like the whiteboard and "voice" messenger, none of these work.
I probably won't use it much anyway, but it is annoying having it and it not working!

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