XP PRO - BSODs after reinstall

  onthelimit1 18 Apr 11

After many problems, fresh install of XP Pro on aging PC. Crashes after completing boot sequence. More reliable in Safe Mode, but still fails at times when downloading updates. Loads of files in the Minidump folder, but no idea how to read them (can't make head or tail of the MS page on the matter).

Any ideas what may be causing this (I'm guessing driver)? I've replaced the gloop between CPU and heatsink. Thanks.

  northumbria61 18 Apr 11
  northumbria61 18 Apr 11

BSOD's can be a multitude of things - sometimes accompanied by error message. Have a look through the above LINK first. Could be down to a driver update.

  onthelimit1 18 Apr 11

Thanks northumbria61. That's the page I found - I'll go and try to follow it. I have been able to get to Device manager, and 3 items are yellow exclam marked. Tried to download drivers for them (in safe mode) but it's crashed each time at the last minute. Wondering whether to try a graphics card in case it's the on-board chip that's triggering it.

  onthelimit1 18 Apr 11

Managed to install the drivers. Still crashing after a variable amount of time. Wondered about PSU - tried a spare - just the same. Error messages vary. Can't get the info in the link to work. Might try again tomorrow!

  northumbria61 18 Apr 11

BSOD problems as you are already aware are sometimes difficult to track down as there can be so many causes. It really is a process of elimination and/or update(s) of drivers - I can see you are slowly working your way through. Keep this updated as there may be others who may also be able to help.

  woodchip 18 Apr 11

Have you installed the Motherboard Drivers, As I think same as you its a Driver Problem

  ashdav 19 Apr 11

As you had problems before and there are ongoing problems with a reinstall I think it's time to bite the bullet and get a new computer. You can spend endless hours with this and never have full confidence that you have resolved the problem (whatever it was. You didn't say).

  onthelimit1 19 Apr 11

Thanks all. I have been spending time on it out of interest - i certainly shan't make any money! It's a problem I've not had before, and am interested to try to find the solution, working through the possibilities as northumbria says. I'll try finding updated mobo drivers (if I can get it to last long enough to do so). I'm also going to try a 2nd hand PCI graphics card - just in case. If not, my friend has a new door stop!

  onthelimit1 19 Apr 11

The doorstop is getting closer! Put in a PCI graphics card, set the BIOS to boot from that first. As soon as the Windows screen came up, PC shut down. I'm going to try one more full reinstall the that's it!

  onthelimit1 19 Apr 11

Well I never! Full install with a 'long' reformat (as opposed to the 'quick' that I used before). All seems stable and working normally. We live and learn!


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