XP Pro 64bit V's XP 32 bit O/S

  Dbdave 09:28 23 Mar 08

System specs:

Intel Core2 Quad CPU
Asus P5KC mobo
4gig DDR2 800 ram
2 x 80gig WD H/d

Currently XP home :/

I've been doing some reading about XP pro 64 bit and I'm a bit confused as to whether it is backwood compatible to 32 bit applications.

I'd like to use it so I can use all my RAM. SP only report 3.25gig at present with pae.

Can anyone clarify this for me please?

  Technotiger 10:13 23 Mar 08

Plenty of people asking similar questions, and many answers ... click here

  Technotiger 10:15 23 Mar 08

Personally I would stick with 32bit - not enough applications or games 64bit compatible at this time.

  Zeppelyn 01:00 24 Mar 08

I think Technotiger means 64 bit specific rather than compatible as XP x64 will run all 32 bit applications. Your only problem might be finding drivers for older printers, scanners etc.

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