XP Password Screen avoidance

  ChrisAnnSen 16:35 02 Nov 06

I've just taken delivery of a new computer running XP. Everything's the same as my old one apart from the startup routine.
I've removed the 'Welcome' screen by following the instructions given in the Help section of Windows.
However, I am still getting asked to logon. I've not got a password so just press OK and get into the Desktop.
In my previous computer there was none of this hassle, I just went straight on to the desktop at switching on the computer.
How can I get rid of this annoying extra step? (I like to switch on in the morning and go for a cuppa while it loads up - now I have to wait a few seconds to get passed the password screen.)

  VoG II 16:41 02 Nov 06
  ChrisAnnSen 17:31 02 Nov 06

Thants VoG - will have a go.

  ChrisAnnSen 17:38 02 Nov 06

Thanks VoG - it worked.

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