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  Andrew645 05:35 02 Jan 03
  Andrew645 05:35 02 Jan 03

I have just changed to XP from 98 and wonder if someone could help me with a couple of admittedly trivial but annoying problems.
When I start XP I always get the log on screen even though I have no password and am the only user of the computer. Any way I can cancel the screen appearing? Come to think of it is it necessary that My documents, etc use my name when I'm the only user?
Also can anyone tell me what "generic host process for WIN32 services" does? Everytime I go online my firewall tells me it wants to access the net. I say yes in case its important.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks and happy new year to all.
Best regards.

  Elrond 13:18 02 Jan 03


  cdb 15:30 02 Jan 03

Click >>>> Start >Control Panel> User Accounts> Change way users log on or off. That might sort one of your probs (hope so anyway)

  Mac & Beth 15:33 02 Jan 03

From click here

This is what ZoneAlarm complains about while connected to the internet. "SVCHOST.EXE" is "Generic Service Host". What that means is it is a "host" for other processes or services. If your internet connection seems to "no longer work", it is due to you disallowing various "required" functions to no longer access the internet. A big one is "DNS Lookups". If you do not allow this to get through, you will no longer be able to type in "blkviper.com" but you will always be able to type in the IP address of the systems. The internet connection is still working, but you are blocking a "vital" part of the process for surfing web pages.

As to whether or not "you" need the particular process to access the internet or act as a server is completely dependent upon your computer configuration, your software installation, and what you are doing at any given time.

Only you can make the decision about if "you need this to access the internet" or not.

If you block a port and something breaks, reenable the blocked port and see if it is fixed. Easy as that. :)

  Andrew645 20:48 02 Jan 03

Thanks to all for help, I'll act upon it. Regards, Andrew

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